This master seminar was organized in an intensive week from January 30th till February 2th 2017 in Ghent, as a LUCA collaboration between Sarah Kesenne, Roel Kerkhofs, Hana Miletic and German art historian Jörn Schafaff. The seminar explored elements of ‘reading situations’, the curating and performing of a library collection, more specifically with regard to the re-staging of the ‘Curating the reading the Library’ project at LUCA school of arts campus Ghent during the academic year 2016-2017. In the 2000nds the curator Moritz Küng, who was working back then at the Singel in Antwerp, invited guests to talk about the books they brought along. This resulting library and archive of reading from the earlier project in Muhka, is hosted by LUCA school of arts- campus Sint-Lucas Gent in 2016-2017. Visual artist and architect Richard Venlet designed a new display for this library, and architect Jan De Vylder added an installation. Consequently, the library display served as a starting point for reflection and practice on ‘books as artistic media’, ‘appropriation of texts’, ‘reading together’, and ‘staging of reading situations in exhibitions’. These issues were addressed by means of performances, lectures, reading groups and screenings, on which students are asked to respond.






new publication by graphic design research platform de Grafische Cel, based on a project collaboration between Artefact festival Leuven and Fac. of Criminology KU Leuven


Inside the Distance‘ is an interactive documentary about Restorative Justice, an alternative to retributive justice and punishment. Restorative Justice engages those affected by a crime in resolving the damage the crime has caused. In Belgium restorative justice is part of the criminal justice system. Victims and offenders are offered the opportunity to take an active part in the conclusion of their case through mediation. In mediation, victims and offenders meet face-to-face. Each gives an account of their own experience of the crime and its impact on their life. Each is heard and recognized. Inside the Distance stages reenactments of this encounter as described by victims, offenders and mediators.

Aertsen, I., Sharon, D. & Pali, B. (eds.) (2015). Art and Justice: Inside the Distance. Gent/Leuven: Luca School of Arts



6-16 February 2016 we worked 5 days with masterstudents of Luca school of arts- campus Ghent on a masterclass in relation to the Ecole Mondiale research project by artists Filip Van Dingenen and Ive Van Bostraeten, and coached by Nancy Vansieleghem,  Sarah Kesenne  and Sue Spaid as part of the research team: a highly interdisciplinary and multi angular venture on different spots in Brussels, as a reflection on FIELDSTATION TIME and time -instruments.

EM (Ecole Mondiale) was originally initiated by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902 as a postgraduate school to develop and prepare young men for a colonial career in the overseas areas of the European nation states. The first stone of the school, designed by the French architect Charles Girault (1851–1932), was laid out in July 1905, but the project was abandoned shortly after. Belgian artists – Filip Van Dingenen and Ive Van Bostraeten – aspire to critically rethink this controversial project through the design of 9 thematic “field stations” in various locations. The aim is to redefine and investigate the feasibility of the Ecole Mondiale as a nomadic school, platform, collective, as well as a knowledge center in between pedagogy and art.

day 1 conference introduction E M  Narafi with curator Sue Spaid, Maarten Couttenier (Royal Museum of Central Africa, Dept. Cultural anthropology & history), and holistic performances guided by Ive Van Bostraeten.


day 2 seminar introduction to the Fieldstation TIME @ the CAPA building of the Tervuren Koninklijk Museum voor Midden Afrika: guided tour in the Xylarium Tervuren (biggest Wood database of Europa ) by Hans Beeckman (head of Houtbiologie en bosecologie tropisch Afrika), and presentations by Filip Van Dingenen, (offline) Prof. Benedikte Zitouni (Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles) ‘Shuffling  times’, Sarah Kesenne ‘Tijdslijn, document, script’  and  Nancy Vansieleghem ‘De school in het antropoceen’



day 3  CELEBRATION of TIME  @ Sint-Lukas Brussels campus, I tjing, meditation and voice exercises by Ive Van Bostraeten (art historian, energetic therapist, co-founder Ecole Mondiale)


day 4 EXPEDITION TIME @ Jubelpark Brussels: guided tour by  Korei in relation to the architectural heritage of king Leopold II (and Concert Noble, justitiepaleis…), visit Jan Mot expo David Lamelas, lecture Kaaitheater ‘Welcome to post history’, by Isabelle Stengers



day 5  TIME TABLE @ Constant vzw WTC III tower Brussels, Fieldstation practice and reaction ‘Kitchen time’,  ‘make a time instrument while cooking’, …